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2018 PHIP Moda Health Medicare benefit comparison
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Rooted in the Pacific Northwest, we are a company dedicated to partnering with, and caring for, our members. We’re proud to provide you with evidence-based plans, diverse provider networks, innovative member programs and exceptional customer service.


PERS Moda Health PPORX (PPO) is a Medicare Advantage plan that is offered to all eligible PERS retirees and their dependents who reside in the state of Oregon. Members can receive services from any provider in the Moda Health Medicare Advantage statewide network or any out-of-network Medicare provider. You are not required to select a primary care provider, and you can seek care from a specialist without a referral.
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Moda Health offers a Medicare Supplement plan to all eligible PERS retirees. This is a traditional Medicare Supplement insurance program that pays secondary to Medicare. Members can receive services from any Medicare provider. Members also can live anywhere in the United States.
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Moda Health offers a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan for non-Medicare retirees and dependents. Three networks are available to members. The state in which you reside will determine the PPO network as follows:

Connexus Network — This network includes Legacy Health System, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Providence Health & Services and Adventist Health. The Connexus Network provides access to providers, hospitals and pharmacies in Oregon, Idaho, Southern Washington and Northern California.

First Choice Health Network — Members who reside in Washington state and do not live in Benton, Clark, Cowlitz, Klickitat, Pacific, Skamania, Wahkiakum or Walla Walla counties.

PHCS Network — Members who reside in a state other than Oregon,Washington or Idaho.
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Learn more about the Moda Health plans and the value-added programs specific to PHIP.

Contact Information:

Medical questions: (Medicare supplement and non-Medicare PPO)

In Portland: 503-243-3880
Toll-free: 800-962-1533

PERS Moda Health PPORX (PPO) (Medicare):

In Portland: 503-265-4761
Toll-free: 877-299-9061
(TTY): 711