Public Employees Retirement System

Changes After Enrollment

During peak enrollment times (i.e., plan change, peak retirement periods, end of month), processing delays may occur. Please submit your requested change 30 days prior to the requested effective date of change to avoid delay. 

Change of address

Address changes must be submitted in writing by the member or authorized party. Complete and submit a Change of Address Form to PHIP, including member’s Social Security number and signature. Address changes may be sent via mail or fax, or through the online form.  (Email requests will not be accepted.)

You must maintain a primary residence (not mailing) within the United States to be eligible for PHIP. If you reside in another country, you are not eligible for the PHIP.


  • PHIP will notify your health plan, however they will not update your address with the PERS Pension office, and you will need to contact them directly.
  • Failure to notify PHIP within 30 days of moving outside of your service area can result in an involuntary termination of coverage. (If you reside in another country, you are ineligible for PHIP.)

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Change selected payment type

PHIP offers different payment methods; pension deduction and electronic funds transfer (EFT). To change your payment method, submit a completed PHIP Payment Options Form to PHIP.

Notice: Please allow at least one billing cycle for the change.

Late Payments

Premium payments are due on or before the first of each month, with no grace period. If payment is not received by the first day of the month, the account is considered delinquent. If you do not pay your premium upon notification, your health plan coverage will be canceled.

OAR 459-035-0090
(3) If payment is by check or money order, the check or money order must be physically received by the Third Party Administrator on or before the due date.
(4) Failure to make the payment by the due date shall result in termination of a person’s PERS-sponsored health insurance coverage.


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Changing plans under PHIP

Plan Change

PHIP offers an annual plan change period from October 1 to November 15. During this time you can change your medical and/or dental plan to a plan available within your residing area. This annual plan change period is not an opportunity to add dental or dependents. Changes made during this period will become effective on January 1.

To make a plan change, you must fill out both a PHIP Disenrollment Form for the plan you are ending and an Enrollment Request form for the new coverage.

If you do not submit a change during this period, you will not be able change your enrollment midyear, unless you experience a family status change or new enrollment opportunity

Notice: Submit both forms before the November 15 deadline.

Snow Bird

For members who are enrolled in any PHIP Medicare Advantage plan, and who reside inside Oregon part of the year and outside Oregon part of the year, PHIP offers a Snow Bird option. The Snow Bird option allows members to change their health plans to Moda Health while living or traveling outside of their managed care plan’s service area. Members must plan on living outside the service area for more than 60 days for this option to apply.

Before leaving, contact PHIP to request an application to change to the PERS Moda Health Medicare Supplement Plan (Medicare) or the PERS Moda Health PPORX (PPO) Plan (Non-Medicare) for the time outside the managed care service area. Upon returning to Oregon, members will be eligible to change back to their managed care plan.

To change, you must fill out both a PHIP Disenrollment Form for the plan you are ending and a PHIP Enrollment Request Form for the new coverage.

Notice: Submit both forms to PHIP prior to leaving the service area.

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Adding a new spouse or dependent

New dependents can be enrolled within 30 days of the family status change (e.g., birth, marriage). If the spouse has a different last name than the retiree, a copy of the marriage certificate will be required.

Dependents must enroll in the same health plan as the retiree. To add a new spouse and/or dependent, complete and submit a PHIP Enrollment Request Form.

Notice: Effective date of coverage will be the first of the month after receipt of the PHIP Enrollment Request Form.

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Did you know?

Changes to your PHIP plan will be effective after PHIP receives written notice of change, unless a later date of change is requested.