Public Employees Retirement System

Eligibility Requirements

Upon receiving an Enrollment Request Form, PHIP will review all individuals for eligibility into the program. You are eligible to enroll in PHIP if you are:

  • A PERS retiree, who is receiving a PERS retirement allowance or benefit or who received an optional lump sum payment
  • The spouse of an eligible PERS retiree
  • A dependent child who is less than 26 years of age and meets one of the following definitions:
    • A natural child
    • A legally adopted child or a child placed in the home pending adoption
    • A step-child who resides in the household of the eligible retiree
    • A grandchild, provided at the time of birth at least one of the grandchild’s parents was covered under a PHIP plan as a dependent child and resided in the household of an eligible retired member.
  • An overage dependent (26 or older) who is unable to achieve self-support through work due to a developmental disability, mental retardation or a physical handicap as verified by a physician and accepted by the carrier, and the incapacity is continuous and began before the date the child would otherwise have ceased to be an eligible dependent. The overage dependent must also have either been dependent on the retiree since childhood because of their disability or physical handicap, or have been covered under the retiree’s healthcare coverage as a dependent for at least 24 consecutive months immediately prior to enrollment into PHIP.
  • An IRS-eligible dependent domestic partner who has a relationship with, and resides with, a PERS retiree for a minimum of 12 months; the PERS retiree is providing over one-half of the financial support for their partner and has claimed their partner on their most recent federal tax return.
  • An eligible surviving spouse or dependent of an eligible PERS retiree. In the event the non-PERS surviving spouse remarries, coverage cannot be extended to the new spouse.