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Healthwise Newsletters and PHIP Handbook

PHIP creates a couple of resources that provide information to our membership.

The Healthwise newsletter is mailed quarterly to all PHIP members. You may access current and past newsletters.

PHIP updates their handbooks annually. PHIP members will receive a handbook in the fall that provides plan information for the following plan year. You may access a copy of our full PHIP Handbook and Benefit Guide.

PHIP Presentations

If you were unable to attend a local presentation or just wanted to review specific sections of a presentation, you will find them available here.
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To enroll in PHIP, all Medicare-eligible members and eligible Medicare dependents must be enrolled and retain both Parts A and B of Medicare. Find out how and when to enroll in Medicare as well as Medicare Basics… Read more

Health Resources

Additional sites that provide valuable information related to matters of health… Read more


If you have specific PERS questions about retirement, your 1099, or other PERS related questions, contact PERS directly… Visit site

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Senior Health Insurance Benefits Association (SHIBA)

SHIBA offers assistance to retirees who are considering their health care options. SHIBA is able to assist those members who have questions about Medicare and how Medicare plans work. SHIBA volunteers are designated by the county in which you reside… Visit site

Aging and Disability Services

A list of resources available around the state of Oregon for seniors and people with physical disabilities… Visit site