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PERS Health Insurance Program (PHIP) Advisory Committee can best be described as participant representation. It provides information and advice to PHIP, as well as, providing a forum for feedback and an opportunity for interaction on matters concerning PHIP. These matters, among others, include administration, cost containment, plan design, health insurance trends, proposed legislation, alternatives to traditional coverage, and recommendations for PERS Board position on health insurance issues.

Committee Composition

The PHIP advisory committee consists of up to five retiree members, selected to reflect a cross section of participants which include Medicare and non-Medicare members. One member will serve as a liaison to the PERS Board; this member will be an active PERS Board member, designated by the PERS Board Chair.

Members serve for a two-year term and may be reappointed for up to two additional terms. Members are not eligible for compensation or expense reimbursement for Committee service.

In addition, PERS staff, selected by the PERS Executive Director or designee will serve on the committee; PERS staff is not subject to term limits.

Subject matter experts will serve on an advisory capacity and will be utilized as needed.


The Advisory Committee typically meets four times a year in Tigard or Salem, with attendance at every meeting expected. If in-person attendance is not possible, telephone conferencing arrangements may be possible. Additional meetings, such as Retiree Plan Change Meetings, may occasionally be required to fulfill Committee responsibilities.

Whenever possible, PHIP will provide meeting agendas and materials in advance of the scheduled meeting. These meetings are not open to the public due to the confidential and proprietary information that may be discussed.


PERS will publish notice of a Committee vacancy in PHIP publications, on the PHIP website.


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