Public Employees Retirement System

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Welcome to the PERS Health Insurance Program (PHIP). We offer health insurance coverage for all eligible Oregon PERS retirees, their eligible spouses and dependents. Health insurance is an important piece when considering retirement and PHIP is here as an option for your retiree health coverage… About PHIP


How to Enroll in PHIP

PHIP offers a variety of health benefit options to PERS retirees, whether you are just retiring or are already a PERS retiree…Read More

For Current PHIP members

After enrolling in PHIP, you may need to make changes to your personal information or health coverage. There will certain opportunities to make specific changes to your PHIP coverage… Read More

For PERS Employer Groups

As a Human Resource Administrator for a PERS employer you will want to provide your new retirees with all health coverage options available. PHIP is a benefit offered to eligible PERS retirees. PHIP will be a resource for PERS-contributing employer groups… Read More