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2018 PHIP Providence Health Plan non-Medicare benefit comparison
2018 PHIP Providence Health Plan Medicare benefit guide

Providence Health Plans is part of one of the largest healthcare systems in the Pacific Northwest, Providence Health and Services.


We offer two different plans to meet your needs. Both plans include:

  • Access to more than 10,000 in-plan providers
  • No deductible and low out-of-pocket maximum
  • Worldwide urgent care, emergent care and ambulance coverage
  • Free gym membership
  • Vision hardware coverage
  • Providence exclusive discounts and programs

The chart below illustrates highlights of each plan offering:

Providence Medicare Align Group + Rx (HMO) plan  Providence Medicare Flex Group + Rx (HMO-POS) plan
Benefits and premium Richer Benefits Lower premium
Provider access In-network In-network and out-of-network
Primary care physician Required Required
Travel benefits (non-urgent/emergent care) $1,000 allowance Covered at the out-of-network benefit
Worldwide urgent care, emergent care and ambulance Included Included



Providence offers a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan that offers in- and out-of-network benefits to non-Medicare beneficiaries and their dependents. Providence Health Plans gives members access to nearly one million providers nationwide. If you are traveling and use a national network provider, it is paid at the in-network level. If you choose an out-of-network provider, benefits are paid at the out-of-network level.



Learn more about the Providence Health Plans and the value-added programs specific to PHIP.

Contact Information:

Prospective members:
In Portland: 503-574-5000
Toll-free: 800-457-6064

Enrolled Medicare members:
In Portland: 503-574-8000
Toll-free: 800-603-2340

Enrolled Non-Medicare members:
In Portland: 503-574-7500
Toll-free: 800-878-4445
(TTY): 711